Vibration Monitoring

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Remote Vibration Monitoring

The Omnidot SWARM remote vibration monitoring system for construction sites and associated operations is now a reality. The Omnidot Swarm  constantly monitors vibration 24 hours a day, remotely. It provides your clients with reassurance vibration monitoring and real time data; additionally, should vibration monitoring parameters be breached, an SMS text and email alarm will be sent to any stakeholders that require the information. Vibration monitoring data can be viewed graphically or downloaded from any internet connected computer, smart phone or tablet.Wireless Vibration Sensors: Deploy these sensors easily across your site without the hassle of wired connections.

The Omnidot SWARM is one of the the most efficient and high-quality vibration monitor on the market, using MEMS technology. It takes accurate vibration measurements and sends the data wirelessly to the Honeycomb web platform where stakeholders may view the data graphically or download for archiving, real time alerts may be set at any time .

The Omnidot remote vibration monitoring units are more effective than intermittent manual  vibration monitoring and protect the local stakeholders and the contractor  24 hours a day providing the back up data for disputes and complaints.

Omnidot Vibration Monitor : Data Sheet

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Why monitor vibration?

During construction work often there is the assumption that if the vibrations can be picked up by humans then damage to property is inevitable. Usually, considerably greater levels of vibration are required to cause damage than can be noticed by humans.

The level of vibration transmitted from site activities to the surrounding neighbourhood can cause anxiety and annoyance, disturb sleep, work or leisure activities. Although there are varying degrees of sensitivity between individuals, it can undoubtedly be a nuisance to those affected.

The Omnidot Swarm remote vibration monitoring units are more effective than intermittent manual  vibration monitoring and protect the local stakeholders and the contractor  24 hours a day providing the back up data for disputes and complaints.

Clearly construction vibration monitoring during the build is important to reduce the environmental impact of the works on surrounding neighbourhoods. Construction activities such as blasting, piling, dynamic compaction and the operation of heavy construction equipment induce structural vibrations and the perception from local homes and offices can be magnified.

Frequently nowadays the environment is a significant consideration in obtaining project approvals and the client, developer and contractor are required to incorporate vibration monitoring as part of the approval process. Vibration limits are often incorporated into a specification or approval requirements

Vibration damage can be kept to a minimum with careful vibration monitoring within the construction area. Low levels of vibration rarely cause vibration damage in nearby buildings. Using the Omnidot Swarm vibration monitoring unit gives all parties peace of mind and ensures the safety of buildings in the vicinity. Tolerance thresholds can be set and warnings issued when vibration levels reach these levels, helping to avoid any fall out from perceived levels of vibration.

Various Uses for Vibration Monitoring

  • Piling
  • Heavy Civils
  • Bridge Monitoring
  • Foundation Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Existing Buildings
  • Party Wall Agreements
  • Basement Construction

“Vibrations are mechanical oscillations, produced by regular or irregular period movements of a member or body about its rest position”.

The main problems associated with vibration:

  • Vibration damage to buildings and structures
  • Nuisance and annoyance to local homes and offices (complaints)
  • Perceived damage to properties – leading to third party claims
  • Vibration disruption or damage to sensitive equipment
  • Reputational damage

Sample Recent Projects

A556 M6 to M56 Link – Costain:- High pressure National Grid gas main remote vibration monitoring

Manchester Metro Link – Laings:- Enabling works installed multiple vibration monitoring units

UCL London – Graham Construction:- Remote vibration monitoring for laboratories

Conwy County Offices – Bowmer & Kirkland:- Remote vibration monitoring on piling

St Mellons Cardiff – Morgan Sindall:- Remote vibration monitoring on treatment works upgrade

Croydon University Hospital – Galliford Try:- Vibration monitoring on upgrade works

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