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Remote Datum Ltd has been supplying and installing robust, cost effective, remote monitoring and measuring solutions for construction, civil engineering and environmental sites and buildings since 2008.

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real time remote monitoring systems for hire :-


  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Crack Sensors
  • Tilt Sensors (inclinometers)
  • Strain Sensors
  • Structural Movement


  • Silt Detection and Alarming (for streams & rivers)
  • Oil Pollution Detection (for streams & rivers)
  • Temperature
  • Water Level
  • pH Values

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Concrete temperature sensors (insitu)
  • Humidity & Temperature
  • Asset tracking
  • Weather stations
  • Electrical current
  • Door monitoring
  • People counters

Real Time Data, Web Bureau, SMS Text & Email Alarms

We use GPRS technology to provide a low cost, high quality data acquisition and transmission service. Data is transmitted to our secure web bureau where the data can be viewed graphically or downloaded as a CSV Excel file. If parameters are exceeded the systems alert the client with SMS texts and emails, the alarm parameters can be set and changed at any time, by the client, from the web bureau.

All our equipment is designed to work with little or no manual attendance and therefore our low costs far outweigh manual methods of data collection both in cost and quality and volume of data. Our equipment maybe housed in anti-vandal wall or pole mounted housings.

The amount of data collected can be preset from a reading every second to every couple of days, dependent on the requirements.

Remote Datum Ltd can assist in evaluating the clients requirements or work under the supervision of the client or the client’s Consultant.

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