Low Cost Sensors


Low Cost Sensors

An IoT (Internet of Things) gateway gives the opportunity to deploy a multitude of low cost sensors across your site/building, from remotely monitoring concrete temperature to silt sensors.
All data in real time with graphs, data download facilities real time alarms and alerts.

Gateways can transmit data via GSM mobile, Ethernet or WiFi


What is LoRaWan and why should I be interested?

LoRaWAN is short for Long Range Wide Area Network and is the backbone for the Internet of Things (IoT). The networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated nodes (the “things”) to the internet in regional, national or global networks, and targets key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements. such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility, localisation services, alerts & alarms.

You may have heard the media buzz about the possibility of connecting your toaster or fridge to the internet, LoRaWan is the technology that will inevitably help make connecting low cost sensors and equipment to the internet possible.

LoRaWan gives exceptional range of transmission, up to 5.0 kilometres, and very low power sensors thereby giving the opportunity for long term remotely measuring almost anything that it is physically possible to measure at an affordable cost.

Typical cost example:-

  • Gateway costs from £27.50 per week
  • Concrete temperature sensor from £12.00 per week (twin inputs)

Please contact for full range of sensors or specific requirements Full installation & set up service available for UK and EU. Contact us for a quotation.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Nodes (Devices/Sensors)

These are the devices/sensors that will collect and transmit the data, switch equipment on and off – The node forwards data and receives instructions from the gateway.

Gateway (Concentrator) Installed on the site or building

The gateway receives the data wirelessly from any of number of nodes/sensors and forwards it transparently (via WiFi, Ethernet, or GSM) to the

Network Server (Cloud based)

This collects all of the data from any number of Gateways and forwards that data to a particular

Dashboard (Application Server)

Which decodes the data and presents it in a easily readable format or graph that can then be reviewed against specification or tolerances this may then be used to automate alarms, alerts or actions. The data can then be downloaded and archived for quality or technical assurance or reassurance monitoring and compliance.

Why should I be interested ?

LoRaWan enables multiple low cost sensors and switches to be connected to the Internet and therefore making possible a readable dashboard, enabling automatic alerts, alarms and control.

If you run a business from catering to contractors, butchers to builders, Then you will benefit from the increased ability to complete remote actions, remote measurements, alarms and alerts plus have real time data for multiple operations on a tab in your browser or your phone at a really affordable cost.

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