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Concrete Temperature wireless Monitoring

Remote Datum Ltd

Our remote concrete monitoring system takes the guess work and worry out of concrete pours. Concrete temperature and maturity monitoring can increase form work and false-work turnaround times, whilst ensuring all QA data is automatically collected, along with SMS and email alerts to ensure that any anomalies can be investigated early.

Remote Datum Ltd’s  installs multiple very cost effective temperature sensors embedded in your concrete pour at different position and heights to give a complete and accurate picture of precisely how your pour is behaving in all conditions.

Additionally other sensors for external weather conditions humidity and temperature may also be utilised to get gather even more information  about your expensive concrete pour. The concrete maturity index can be ascertained for each mix by adding cube crushing data and logging it against the temperature.

We can also supply low cost temperature sensors for your construction laboratory to measure the temperature of your cube tank along with external weather conditions, so no more heading out to site for multiple daily readings.

Concrete Temperature Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring for Concrete
Concrete temperature sensors
Concrete Temperature Monitoring

Not only that, we can install inclinometer sensors to check if there is any shutter or falsework movement during your concrete pour, all fully integrated to one dashboard giving a full picture from one screen.

Concrete temperature & maturity data is stored for QA and may be viewed graphically or downloaded as a CSV Excel file for archiving, the data is easily and may be ported to your own QA and handover portal.

Text and email alarms may be set to warn if any of the parameters exceed or drop below the specification levels or that are the best for that mix of concrete, alarm parameters may be set at any time from your phone, tablet or PC.

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