Remote Monitoring Equipment

Remote Datum Ltd hires, supplies and installs robust, cost effective remote monitoring sensors and monitoring equipment for construction and related industries. Real time SMS text and email alarms and secure web graphical interface.

Real Time Remote Monitoring Equipment

Vibration  – Structural & SubsidenceSilt & Water QualityConcrete TemperatureGeotechnicalEnvironmental NoiseLoRaWan Low Cost Sensors

If you have a project that would benefit from real time data  please get in touch –  we are here to help or advise.

Monitoring Equipment

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We provide cost effective remote sensors, telemetry and monitoring equipment to construction and associated industries. This helps consultants and contractors make well informed decisions based on real time data.

Our instrumentation features remote GPRS telemetry and WiFi, so you can access data from any web connected desktop or device  – providing a much faster and cheaper alternative to manual reading and static data logging.

For more information about our equipment use the links above or get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

We are always happy to assist and advise wherever we can, we will produce Autocad or PDF drawings for clients approval if requested.